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Dr. Michael AllenWhere primitive reflexes were once saved for the youngest, the eldest, and the most infirmed in society, now functional neurology has revealed their greater application for general human performance. With his Receptor Based Solutions™, Dr. Michael Allen shares his unique clinical approach to primitive reflexes using manual muscle testing as functional neurology. Accordingly, what used to be considered impossible has become a clinical expectation. These revolutionary ideas have earned Dr. Allen international acclaim in tens of countries on four different continents.

The human nervous system is receptor driven; it is plastic. It is activated and stimulated through the various ways that generate a motor response. The appropriate sensory input shapes a proper motor response. However, when the sensory input is askew the motor display will be likewise flawed. Detecting these dysfunctional receptors before they become deep seated neuroplastic anomalies is the key to Dr. Allen's Receptor Based Solutions™.

Discover how to encourage positive plasticity in your patient's neuraxis by restoring functional receptor stimulation. Learn to apply Dr. Allen's innovative functional tests on every patient and promote positive changes in their health. Read Receptor Based Solutions™; Functional Neurology Every Doctor Should Know and realize the simple secrets to optimizing your patient's nervous system today!

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“This is a wonderful book. It is a detailed review of the functional nervous system from a unique perspective, explaining posture and the upright position of human beings: including theories that explain the benefits of musculoskeletal therapy from a neurophysiologic perspective.” —Marc D. Braunstein, DO Past President, Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California

“Dr. Michael Allen has the ability to educate practitioners of the wonderful benefits of functional neurology in an organized format and easy to comprehend way... I use it every day giving great results.” —Alan Cheng, DC, San Francisco, CA

“This is a very learned and erudite writing. The central theme of Receptor Based Solutions™ is applied to the reflexes without appearing to hammer the point—a difficult task in any discipline.” —Keith Keen, BA, DipAc, DO, DC, DIBAK Original developer of techniques related to the neonatal (atypical) display Sydney, Australia

“You’ve got me loving how you write and how you’ve been able to make neurology digestible and understandable for me.” —Susan Walker, BSc, MChiro, DIBAK Brisbane, Australia

“I have been following Dr. Allen’s work over the last twenty plus years, since he published his paper on, ‘The Receptor Dependent Nervous System.’ It is a work of art to discover all his papers on functional neurology now in one book. I found the addition of clinical cases at the end of each section invaluable. They allow the doctor to put Dr. Allen’s ideas into a clinical setting with the kind of patients we all see every day.” —Christopher R. Astill-Smith, D.O., DIBAK Founder, Epigenetics Limited, Devises, Wiltshire, England

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By Best Selling Author, Dr. Michael D. Allen

Dr. Michael Allen

Besides authoring What Your Brain Might Say if It Could Speak for the general public to teach them how to create a healthier brain, Dr. Allen has also written his timely work, Receptor Based Solutions™ every doctor should know. It contains discussion notes and concepts with clinical applications, both of which give doctors a greater understanding of functional neurology.

If you want a healthier brain, let this book speak to you. What Your Brain Might Say if It Could Speak is not your usual blend of nutrition and brain function. Dr. Allen gives you all of the tools you need to increase your brain's endurance, vitality, speed, and clarity, including new ideas about how to exercise for a healthier brain, the benefits of a cleaner brain, keys to improve your awareness, and how certain movements affect your brain's performance.

Dr. Allen has been in private practice since 1977 and is a healthcare leader as both a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), with certified specialties in functional neurology and applied kinesiology.

He has also authored several professional papers and videos dealing with uniquely human movement patterns and their autonomic concomitants, pain management, and learning issues.

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Dr. Michael D. Allen

Neurology has always been Dr. Allen’s forté. He learned clinical neurology from Frederick Carrick, DC, PhD, founder of the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies. His professional education includes graduating with honors from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in 1977, and challenging the Arizona Naturopathic Board examination that resulted in licensure as a Naturopath in 1977.

He became a Diplomate of the International Board of Applied Kinesiology (DIBAK) in 1980, and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management (DAAPM) in 1988, a Diplomate of the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology (DABCN) in 1993, and a Fellow of the American College of Functional Neurology (FACFN) in 2009. He is a member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association (AzNMA), and the German Medical Society for Applied Kinesiology (DAGAK, Hon.). He is a past member of the International Chiropractic Knights of the Round Table (1983-2008).

Dr. Allen has served the ICAK for 17 years as the Vice President and Secretary of the American Chapter; and as President, Vice President, and Member-at-Large of the International Council of the ICAK, which oversees eighteen chapters worldwide. He has also served on the ICAK's International Board of Standards (IBS), and as the Neurology Consultant of the ICAK International Board of Examiners.

Dr. Allen is the President of Allen Chiropractic, PC—Brain-Based Solutions with You in Mind™—and founder of HealthBuilderS®, its educational division, in Laguna Hills, California. At HealthBuilderS®, Our Name is What We Do Best™.

Dr Michael Allen